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Trump unveils administration’s coronavirus testing plan: ‘There is a hunger to getting our country back’

President Trump released on Monday the White House’s blueprint for expanding testing and rapid response programs as he looks to gradually reopen the country amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking at a news conference in the White House Rose garden, Trump praised the “comprehensive strategy and ordinary devotion” of the American public during the public health crisis that has sickened more than 983,000 people and left over 53,000 dead.

“All parts of the country are in good shape and getting better,” Trump said. “We are continually expanding our testing capacity and are hopeful that we’ll be reopening soon.”

According to the new guidelines, public health officials say they will be doing many more tests during those months than they have cumulatively done so far. The goal is to help facilitate states’ abilities to begin their reopening processes while monitoring and dealing with potential hotspots.

A new minimum standard will be set at testing at least 2 percent of a state’s population. Washington, D.C., will be helping states by making sure they have the necessary supplies to meet their May and June goals, specifically swabs and testing media they need to meet their objectives.

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