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Trump taps loyalists for Cabinet picks: Session for AG, Pompeo as CIA director


President-elect Donald Trump on Friday announced his first two  Cabinet picks: Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions as attorney general and Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo as CIA director.

Trump also confirmed that he called on retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn to be his national security adviser.

Sessions, Pompeo and Flynn have all been outspoken critics of President Obama and how his administration has handled terrorism and national security.

In picking Sessions and Flynn, Trump is rewarding two loyalists who were among his most ardent supporters during the presidential campaign.

Trump praised all three men in a lengthy written statement, calling Sessions “a world-class legal mind” who is “greatly admired by legal scholars and virtually everyone who knows him.”

Sessions, who accepted Trump’s offer and awaits confirmation hearings by the Senate, said he looks forward to fulfilling his duties “with an unwavering dedication to fairness and impartiality.”

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