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Trump, Obama & the Cult of Personality


I recoil when politics becomes too much about The Leader. Mussolini, Kennedy (yes, Kennedy!), those Obama posters, and now Donald. Yuck.

As an introspective person, I’m curious as to why Donald Trump doesn’t appeal to me. Could it be that I’ve never seen an episode of The Apprentice? Possibly. But I suspect it’s because I’m reflexively opposed to even a hint of authoritarianism—which is, perhaps, the defining feature of Trump fans.

Before you think I’m unfairly criticizing Trump, I called out then-candidate Barack Obama for his 2008 campaign’s fascistic tendencies here and here.

And here’s something I wrote specifically about his propaganda posters. when I worked at back in 2008:

“You know those Obama posters? They scare me.

“Other countries love posters with people’s faces on them. They parade them around at rallies and marches. It smacks of fascism. That’s not our style. Give me a good ol’ sign with someone’s name on it, any day, but the pictures of faces … I can do without.

“Another thing about it. It’s unabashedly the cult of personality (like Mussolini and Kennedy). It’s the epitome of symbolism over substance. It’s the kind of stuff that punk-ass kids would put on a tee-shirt …”

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