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True Beauty Points Us Back to Its Creator

“From the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans white with foam,” we are blessed with beauty, as this familiar American anthem reminds us. From the full array of fall colors that transform our forests to the power and tranquility of our beaches and lakes that delight natives and tourists alike, we are awash in beauty.

For beauty abounds. And, beauty is so important to us, we even plan our vacations and our recreation around it. For we deliberately seek it, just as we savor it and share it with others. And, we memorialize it with our postcards and in our family photographs, just as we make beauty a crucial element in the homes we choose and the way we decorate them. It is even a significant part of our personal attire and grooming.  

When it comes to beauty, most of us look for it and pursue it in all its many manifestations. From natural beauty and artistic beauty, to musical and literary beauty, such beauty moves us emotionally, intellectually, even spiritually. From the beauty of innocence and true virtue to heroic and sacrificial beauty, such beauty affirms us, challenges us, inspires us.

Just think about beauty’s many expressions. Think about nature’s many marvels and its majestic and moving beauty. Think of those moments that touched you, transfixed you, awed you, inspired you. Think about the ordinary and routine beauty that catches your eye, moves your mind, softens your heart, steels your will. Think even about the routine daily festivals of natural beauty like the luminosity and infinity of the night sky or the scintillating spectrum of light and color as the sun rises and sets.  

For beauty, true beauty is real. And, we are certain of it, even as we experience it or think about it. But, why is this so much a part of our human experience? Why does beauty strike us in such simple and profound and powerful ways? Why does it appeal to our senses, our hearts and our minds in such a simultaneous harmony?  Why do we remain so touched by the striking beauty of even routine natural events or settings?  

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