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The Transformative Power of Walking the Way of the Cross Together


My journey deeper into the Cross has continued into even more arduous terrain since I wrote “The Strange Ways God Heals Our Sufferings”.Oftentimes we are called to go without knowing where the road will lead or when relief will come. We must trust and continue following Our Lord as he asks us to walk paths we wish to avoid. I share my own suffering in the hope that it will help someone else. So many mothers and fathers suffer in silence while grieving their lost unborn children. Far too many families live the intense grief of infertility or secondary infertility. These are difficult Crosses for Catholics since we are commanded to be ‘fruitful and multiply.’ I also want to demonstrate the power of charity in that a grieving mother can lovingly serve as a witness at an abortion clinic. I want to remind all of us—myself included—that the Cross is a requirement of the Christian life and it is how God transforms us.


Writing about pain is easier than living or talking about it. My tears can flow freely as hands type on the keyboard. It is quite another thing to share my pain in person or on the radio. In the last week I have been asked to do both. God is asking me to trod rocky and arduous terrain as I walk through this period of intense grief. I keep walking in blind trust. I don’t know what is up ahead.

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