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Tony Timpa Suffered the Same Fate as George Floyd — But Received None of the Attention

From her home near Dallas, Vicki Timpa watched the nation erupt last summer after police pinned George Floyd face down in a Minneapolis street for more than nine minutes, killing him.

She’s aware of the $27 million settlement the city of Minneapolis agreed to pay Floyd’s family earlier this year. And last month, she saw former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin convicted of two counts of murder and a count of manslaughter for his role in killing Floyd.

She’s happy with that outcome, and glad Floyd’s family received some closure. What happened to Floyd was terrible. But in her mind, she said, her son Tony “suffered even worse, if you can imagine.”

Tony Timpa was 32 years old when he died in custody of Dallas police officers in August 2016. Like Floyd, Tony Timpa was pinned face down to the ground, though Timpa was pinned for more than 14 minutes with an officer’s knee in the center of his back, not near his neck.

He was suffering from a mental-health breakdown, and he had called 911 asking for help.

There was no national uproar after Timpa’s death. No national cries for justice and reform. The city of Dallas paid no settlement to Timpa’s family. A grand jury indicted three of the Dallas officers on misdemeanor deadly conduct charges, but the district attorney dismissed them. The civil case is on appeal after the judge granted summary judgement to the defense.

“It tears me up. We’re all human,” Vicki Timpa told National Review when asked about the disparity in the nation’s reaction to Floyd’s case compared with her son’s. “We all deserve the civil rights. And Tony suffered horribly, and everybody knows it.”

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