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Today on “Kresta in the Afternoon” – May 5

Talking about the “things that matter most” on May 5

4:00 – Kresta Comments

4:40 – Does the Catholic Church Really Torture Women?
The UN Committee on Torture is grilling the Vatican today and tomorrow in Geneva. The Committee is expected to question the Vatican on abortion, contraception and the sexual abuse of minors, none of which are within the UN Convention Against Torture. You heard that right, the Vatican is having to defend itself in front of the UN Committee on Torture. We talk to Austin Ruse of C-Fam which is a research institute that has worked on UN legal and social policy issues for 16 years.

5:00 – Brunei Adopts Sharia Law, Others In Area Consider It
A controversial new penal code for oil-rich Brunei that will eventually include tough Islamic sharia penalties such as severing of limbs and death by stoning was due to officially come into effect on Thursday. Brunei’s all-powerful Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah had announced on Wednesday that he would push ahead with the introduction of the new criminal code that has sparked rare domestic criticism of the fabulously wealthy ruler and international condemnation. The initial phase beginning Thursday introduces fines or jail terms for offences including indecent behavior, failure to attend Friday prayers, and out-of-wedlock pregnancies. We talk to Paul Marshall, author of more than twenty books on religion and politics, especially religious freedom.

5:20 – Pope Francis Soon Headed to the Holy Land
As Pope Francis prepares to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land we talk to Diana von Glahn who takes us through the art, architecture, history, and doctrine behind shrines and places of pilgrimage in the Holy Land

5:40 – Kresta Comments

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