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Today on “Kresta in the Afternoon” – May 30

Talking about the “things that matter most” on May 30

4:00 – Kresta Comments: India Gang Rapes, Mother Teresa and the Caste System / Christian Pastor Forcibly Returned to Iranian Prison / Shocking Confession by Pakistani Man Who Stoned His Second Wife

4:20 – When Faith Goes Viral: 11 Success Stories of the New Evangelization from Alabama to Vladivostok
Reporting on several grass-roots projects undertaken in America, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America—and other regions where “faith” is a new word—journalist Phil Lawler offers us a realistic report on the strategies and techniques used by activists to deliver the Catholic message. Reporting on both the failures and successes across a vast array of evangelist organizations—including schools, parishes, pro-life groups, and home schools – Phil ultimately creates a portrait of a solid, active, and inspiring segment of fervent believers who walk the path of the apostles to speak the word of God. He is with us.

5:00 – Kresta Comments – Cardinal Sean O’Malley and the Tale of Two Commencement Excercises

5:20 – Abuse of the Convention Against Torture: A Tortured Reading of the Law
New possibilities opened up for plaintiff lawyers last week when a U.N. committee told the Vatican that clergy sex abuse is torture. Whether an instance of clergy sex abuse is torture “is a factual determination to be made on a case by case basis,” said a member of the U.N. committee against torture on Friday. His comment amounts to a checkered flag for lawyers racing to find new avenues to sue the Catholic Church. Ron Rychlak has served as an advisor to the Holy See’s delegation at the UN and argues that the U.N. experts “defy all logic and legal analysis.” In order for conduct to amount to torture the convention requires it to be carried out for a torturous or discriminatory purpose by a state official. While the committee’s argument is rooted in a well-intentioned attempt to make rape a crime under international law, Rychlack says the committee strays of course and undermines both international law and the rights of defendants. Ron joins us.

5:40 – Large Local NBC Affiliate Airs “Crossroads: The Francis Factor” – We analyze
WDIV, the NBC affiliate in Detroit sent one of their prime-time anchors to Rome to produce a special called “Crossroads: The Francis Factor.” The promo materials say “Devin Scillion delves into Pope Francis’ new papacy and its constant surprises. Check out the most famous five words of his reign to date and what they really mean.Many wonder if anything will truly change in the Catholic Church. Devin explores that question, in addition to different ways the church’s ministry can recruit new Catholics. Also, is the Catholic Church obsessed with sex? A frank discussion of the lingering scandal is addressed, as is the plan to change the church by creating a more transparent Vatican.” The piece included 4 Bishops, Church dissenters, Vatican reporters and our own Teresa Tomeo and Peggy Stanton. Teresa joins us as we discuss the positives and negatives of the special which aired last night.

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