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Today on “Kresta in the Afternoon” – Mar. 6

Talking about the “things that matter most” on Mar. 6

4:00 – Daughters in Danger: Helping Our Girls Thrive in Today’s Culture
Respected family advocate Elayne Bennett is here to bring hope and encouragement to families and shows the way to save our daughters from the many threats they face. Many girls today are caught up in a world that devalues them and prioritizes perceived needs and desires, in ways that will break their very hearts. Much of our culture undermines girls and damages their souls. We look at how American families can rescue daughters from the negative and destructive patterns of our culture. We explore why progressive feminism is the wrong answer and an inadequate solution. We learn how mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, friends, schools, colleges and universities can be involved in saving our daughters. And we look at why—especially families—bear the responsibility for encouraging and supporting, training and directing, loving and cherishing daughters everywhere.

5:00 – A Miracle for Archbishop Sheen?
Late last week the 7-member board of medical experts who advise the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints at the Vatican unanimously approved a reported miracle attributed to the intercession of the Venerable Servant of God Archbishop Fulton Sheen. The case involved a still born baby born in September 2010. For over an hour the child demonstrated no signs of life as medical professionals attempted every possible life saving procedure, while the child’s parents and loved ones began immediately to seek the intercession of Fulton Sheen. After 61 minutes the baby was restored to full life and made a full recovery. The child, now three years old, continues in good health. The decision affirms that the team of Vatican medical experts can find no natural explanation for the child’s healing. The case will next be reviewed by a board of theologians. With their approval the case could move on to the cardinals and bishops who advise the Pope on these matters. Finally, the miracle would be presented to Pope Francis who would then officially affirm that God performed a miracle through the intercession of Fulton Sheen. We talk to Msgr. Stanly Deptula, President of the Archbishop Fulton Sheen Foundation.

5:20 – Kresta Comments: Is Pope Francis in Hot Water Over Comments on Civil Unions and Humane Vitae?

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