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Today on “Kresta in the Afternoon” – Mar. 4

Talking about the “things that matter most” on Mar. 4

4:00 – Ukraine’s Standoff with Russia
Secretary of State John Kerry is heaping praise on Ukrainians for their heroism in the face of tyranny. Kerry is in Kiev to show solidarity with the new Ukrainian government. He ripped the Russian invasion of the Crimean region and challenged Russia’s rationale for doing so. The U.S. has unveiled plans to help Ukraine, including roughly one-billion dollars in energy loan guarantees. The U.S. and allies are considering possible sanctions against Russia for sending troops into Ukraine’s Crimean region. Meanwhile Russia is engaging in some saber rattling and Russian defense officials say they have test fired an intercontinental ballistic missile. The missile with a dummy warhead was fired from near the northern border of the Caspian Sea and hit its target in Kazakhstan. It’s the latest provocation from Russia as it faces a diplomatic backlash from Western countries over its military lockdown on Ukraine’s Crimea. Russia’s president is explaining the action by saying he’s defending Russian citizens in Crimea. We get analysis.

4:20 – Three Days: The Search for the Boy Messiah
When preteen Jesus makes his first Passover pilgrimage to Jerusalem, the most magnificent Temple in the world becomes his home — after unpredictable events separate him from his family and caravan. “Three Days: The Search for the Boy Messiah” is a provocative, spiritually-uplifting tale about 12-year-old Jesus, based on just a dozen verses in the second chapter of Luke’s Gospel. Weeks of planning, travel, and celebration set the stage for a profound, three-day odyssey. Why did Jesus stay behind in one of the world’s busiest centers of trade and political turmoil? Who did he meet? Where did he sleep? Was he ever in jeopardy? And how did his parents, Mary and Joseph, cope — while frantically searching for their son? Author Chris Stepien us here.

5:00 – Direct to My Desk:
1) Did you see “Son of God” and what was your reaction?
2) A Shifting Landscape: A Decade of Change in American Attitudes about Same-Sex Marriage and “LGBT” Issues

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