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Today on “Kresta in the Afternoon” – Mar. 14

Talking about the “things that matter most” on Mar. 14

Guest Host Peter Herbeck

4:00 – What Could Go Wrong? Millennials are underemployed, unhitched, and unchurched at record rates.
The portrait painted of Millennial Americans by the Pew Research Center in its new report Millennials in Adulthood is not rosy. Sure, compared with earlier generations, Millennials (now aged 18 to 33) are exceptionally tolerant, optimistic about their economic future, and connected to friends, family, and colleagues on the “new platforms of the digital era” — from Facebook to Twitter. But this report makes clear that Millennial ties to the core human institutions that have sustained the American experiment — work, marriage, and civil society — are worryingly weak. We get into the numbers and the analysis with Brad Wilcox of Institute for Family Studies.

4:30 – How Do We Reach Millennials?
As we will hear from Brad Wilcox in the previous segment, the numbers for millennials in the Church are not good. The bright spot is that we have a great opportunity before us. We discuss how to reach millennials, what they want, and programs that they are gravitating to.

5:00 – Pope Francis Celebrates Anniversary As Pope – What Has He Done for the New Evangelization?
As the world analyses the first year of the Francis Papacy, one point that is not often mentioned is his contribution to the New Evangelization. St. John Paul the Great coined it – Pope Emeritus Benedict the XVI institutionalized it in the Vatican – and Pope Francis is showing us how to live it. We have a roundtable with multiple aspects of the discussion, Pete Burak of ID 9:16 and Ed Echeverria of Detroit Major Seminary.

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