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Today on “Kresta in the Afternoon”—July 25, 2014

4:20 – How Literature Shapes the Christian Character

Joseph Pearce, a prominent Catholic biographer and Director for the Center for Faith and Culture at Aquinas College in Tennessee, joins us to discuss how literature shapes the Christian character.


5:00 –Israeli Invasion of Hamas

Israel invaded the Gaza strip last week after several days of rocket attacks from both areas. The US has criticized Israeli forces for not protecting innocent civilians but also acknowledges Israel’s right to defend itself. The Federal Aviation Authority temporarily banned all US flights to Israel. What’s really happening in that region? Why did Israel invade? Is there a “right” or “wrong” side in the fight? Steve Ray, a veteran tour guide and historian of the Holy Land, joins us with his insight.


5:20 – Border Crisis: A Catholic’s Responsibility

Elizabeth Yore, who has served in several different positions devoted to promoting child safety and welfare, joins us to discuss the border crisis in the southwest and what Catholics should do about it.


5:40 – Image and Reality: Finding the Real God in an Unreal World

Our culture saturates us with images and ideas that create a false reality—one that gives us impossible expectations. We expect to succeed without giving any effort, to be constantly entertained and to remain healthy without watching our diet. Clothing models set a standard, especially for women, that is impossible to match in real life. How is this false reality created? How can we find the real God in an unreal world? Teresa Tomeo joins us to discuss these questions and the upcoming Image and Realty conference.

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