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Today on “Kresta in the Afternoon” – July 10


Talking about the “things that matter most” on July 10

Live From The Theology of the Body Congress in Philadelphia, PA

4:00 – U.S. Bishops Wary of White House’s Promised ENDA Executive Order
The White House has announced that President Obama plans to sign an executive order, which would prohibit companies and agencies that do business with the federal government from discriminating against employees on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. Now, the nation’s Catholic bishops and officials from Church-affiliated institutions are waiting to review the substance of that executive order, which has not been signed and made public. Depending on what exemptions are granted for religious organizations, the policy could affect agencies like Catholic Charities, Catholic Relief Services, as well as Catholic universities and hospitals that receive federal funds. The executive order will likely come soon, in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark Hobby Lobby decision, and the substance of the executive order will demonstrate whether the White House is prepared to embrace a new policy that could worsen the already tense relations between the administration and the U.S. bishops. Robert Destro, a law professor at Catholic University of says that he does not expect the Obama administration, given its track record on advocating for same-sex “marriage” and homosexual-friendly policies, will be influenced by the Hobby Lobby ruling to accommodate religious liberty concerns in the executive order. He joins us.

4:20 – Theology of the Body and Same Sex Attraction: A Gay Gospel?
Is there a different TOB for persons with same-sex attraction? How can we be true to JPll’s vision for humanity, while actively compassionate toward persons with SSA? Andrew Comiskey is the Founder and Director of Desert Stream/Living Waters Ministries which grows both out of his own commitment to overcome homosexuality and his experience as a husband and father. He is with us to help equip the global Church to be whole and holy, a bride ready to receive Jesus.

4:40 – The Relation of Theology of the Body to the History of Church Teaching on Marriage, Family, and Sexuality
From St. Augustine to Pope Francis, Saints, Popes and Doctors of the Church have all commented on the meaning of marriage, family and human sexuality. The particular historical realities of each epoch have shaped the approach of each such commentary, while the unifying goal has been to clarify the truth in order to help the faithful experience God’s plan fully. Dr. Peter Colosi is here t outline the historical landscape of many great writers with the goal of seeing the Theology of the Body as a fruit and how it remains an indispensable resource for the present call to present the Joy of the Gospel.

5:00 – Kresta Comments

5:20 – The Importance of the Human Body
The reflection of Pope John Paul II on the human body highlights how the corporeality of man or woman is central to a balanced Christian anthropology. The reflection aims to illustrate the importance of the body from the point of view of the mystery of the Church as that of an authentic communion. The union of man and woman refers to the indissoluble union of Christ the Bridegroom and the Church, His Bride. Bishop Jean Laffitte offers a theological reflection on a unified approach to the mystery of the Christian body at a time when the dignity of the human body is both devalued and denied.

5:40 – “It Is Not Good For Man To Be Alone” – But It Is Not Easy For Man To Be With Someone Either
Dr. Peter Damgaard-Hansen is here to explore how TOB inspires creative counseling approaches to the core dilemma of marital relationships. He wants to show why he thinks all relationships have their share of dysfunction and how a theological understanding of this condition, integrated in marital counseling, transcends the limitations of secular psychology.

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