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Today on "Kresta in the Afternoon" – Feb. 7, 2014

Talking About the “Things That Matter Most” on February 7
Live from the Legatus Summit in Orlando, FL
4:00 – Kresta Comments: Creation / Evolution / Young Earth. What is Compatible With Catholicism
4:20 – Confessions of a Mega Church Pastor: How I Discovered the Hidden Treasures of the Catholic Church
Tens of thousands of American adults join the Catholic Church every year. Why? What is it that attracts them to Catholicism? In Confessions of a Mega-Church Pastor, Allen Hunt unveils the treasures of Catholicism that many life-long Catholics are simply unaware of. At the same time he demonstrates the genius of Catholicism and encourages us to move beyond taking our faith for granted. With a personal touch that is profound and disarming, Hunt takes his readers on a journey that is sure to change the way we experience our faith. At a time when so many are disillusioned about where the Catholic Church is and where it is going, Allen Hunt brilliantly reminds us that personal holiness is the key to the bigger future God wants to leads us to both as individuals and together as a Church. Allen joins us.
5:00 – Kresta Comments: The ACLU and Its Public Consequences
5:20 – The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic

As human beings we are constantly engaging and disengaging in everything we do. We engage and disengage at work, in marriage, as parents, in our quest for health and well-being, in personal finances, environmentally, politically, and, of course, we engage or disengage spiritually. If you walk into any Catholic church next Sunday and look around, you will discover that some people are highly engaged, others are massively disengaged, and the majority are somewhere in between. Why? What is the difference between highly engaged Catholics and disengaged Catholics? Answering this question is essential to the future of the Catholic Church. If we truly want to engage Catholics and reinvigorate parish life, we must first discover what drives engagement among Catholics. Matthew Kelly explores this question with us today.
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