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Today on “Kresta in the Afternoon” – Feb. 26

Talking about the “things that matter most” on Feb. 26

4:00 – Kresta Comments – Was Pope Benedict Forced to Resign, One Year Ago This Week, By “Forces in the Vatican?” / “Son of God” – First Reactions After Seeing A Screening

4:40 – Dancing with the Devil: The Perils of Engaging Rogue Regimes
The world has seldom been as dangerous as it is now. Rogue regimes—governments and groups that eschew diplomatic normality, sponsor terrorism, and proliferate nuclear weapons—threaten the United States around the globe. Because sanctions and military action are so costly, the American strategy of first resort is dialogue, on the theory that “it never hurts to talk to enemies.” Seldom is conventional wisdom so wrong. Whether in Pyongyang, Tehran, or Islamabad, rogue leaders understand that the West rewards bluster with incentives and that the U.S. State Department too often values process more than results. We talk about it with Michael Rubin of the American Enterprise Institute.

5:00 –“Secrets of the Vatican” – Really?
Last night PBS’ award winning news and documentary program, “Frontline,” aired “Secrets of the Vatican.” From PBS’ publicity: “Secrets of the Vatican” illuminates the challenges facing Pope Francis as he tries to reform the Vatican bureaucracy, root out corruption, and chart a new course for the Church. The documentary tells the epic, inside story of the collapse of the Benedict papacy, from a far-reaching clergy sex abuse scandal, to money laundering and corruption at the Vatican Bank, to power struggles and cronyism within the Holy See, to hypocrisy within the Vatican when it comes to homosexuality.” We talk to the man who literally wrote the book on Pope Benedict XVI’s handling of the sex abuse scandal. Matthew Bunson is here.

5:20 – Creating the Optimal Embryo: It’s Not a Thing of the Future
A near and present danger looms for the Catholic Church. This danger manifests itself in a new form of biotechnology entitled Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening and Selection (PIGSS). Members of the National Catholic Bioethics Center regard this among the greatest dangers to the Church’s moral teaching, legal independence of its institutions (hospitals, school, and churches, clergy) and economic viability. (PIGSS) is the screening and pre-selection of embryos before implantation in the uterus through in vitro fertilization technology, so that the optimal embryo might be selected or genetically enhanced. It is anticipated that it will be combined with Eugenics. It’s real and it’s here. We talk to Dr. Vincent Fortanasce who is leading the charge to educate people on this danger.

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