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These three women—all former atheists—found their way into the Catholic Church

Marcus Grodi, the host of EWTN’s The Journey Home, has heard a lot of interesting conversion stories over the years, many from former Protestants like himself. But the show recently featured three very interesting conversations with women who journeyed into the Catholic faith—not from a non-Catholic denomination, or a non-Christian religion, but from unbelief in God.

The idea of a woman choosing to become a Catholic would already be a baffling one for many people today. But why on earth would these three intelligent atheists become Catholic of all things?

I highly recommend watching all three interviews, which are linked below. Because as it turns out, their answers to that question are unique—and thereby hangs a tale.

The most recent interview was with Leah Libresco Sargeant, a statistician, author, and Word on Fire Institute Fellow. Raised in a nonreligious home in a secular Jewish neighborhood on Long Island, Leah describes how her early fascination with Stoicism in middle school led her to an ongoing search for the rational basis of morality. This was a purely philosophical search; it had nothing whatsoever to do with religion, which, following the new atheists, she saw as obsolete.

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