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Thousands Pray for Teresa Johnston, 13-Year-Old Struck by Falling Tree in California

Within hours after Teresa’s injury, thousands of people all over the of the world began praying for the young girl, who is known for her smile and generosity.

In a time of great division in our country, the tragic accident of Teresa Johnston rallies people to pray for her and to focus more on God.

On Friday, Feb. 17, 2017, a rainstorm was raging in Orange County, California. During a lull in the storm, at around 5:00 p.m., Teresa Johnston left to walk an elderly neighbor’s dog.

“She was always like that—making or doing things for our neighbors. She would pick flowers from one neighbor’s garden, and she would give them to another neighbor who was sad, had a trauma, or was sick. That’s why they called Teresa the ‘neighborhood’s sunshine,’” said Teresa’s father, Dr. Roch Johnston, D.C.

When Teresa failed to return home around an hour later, her parent’s, Roch and Vera, became worried. “She was always like clockwork: leave our house, go to the neighbors, walk the dog for 30 minutes, and be back 40 minutes after she left our house,” says Roch.

After calling the owner of the dog that she was supposed to have been walking, the Johnstons learned that their daughter had never arrived to get the dog. “That’s when our radars went up. Our first concern was that she had been abducted,” he says.

Frantically, the Johnstons searched their neighborhood for Teresa. “One of my sons and I ran through all of the different paths and trails where she walks, and we climbed over the very tree that struck her,” says the father of seven.

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