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This October, Take Up Your Rosary and Prepare for Battle

When you hold a rosary in your hands, you enlist yourself in the Church Militant as a warrior for the Truth. You enter the ultimate battlefield — the only one that has eternal consequences.

When you hold rosary beads near your heart in prayer, you make the beauty of the Heavenly Father come alive, and his goodness flourish upon the earth. When you cling to the Most Holy Rosary, you send demons to flight and call upon the angels to surround you and your loved ones. You allow the rain of God’s goodness to shower the parched earth, and his light to illuminate the most dismal crevices of this world. You bring hope to the hopeless and joy to those worn down by angst and sorrow.

Each Hail Mary you recite is the fruit of graces won by Christ the Suffering Servant, with the cooperation of Mary, Mediatrix of Grace. With each one you pray, you add more luminous stars to her crown, so that those in darkness can find their way back to Mary, the Star of the Sea.

As St. Louis de Montfort wrote in The Secret of the Rosary: “So arm yourself with the arms of God, with the holy Rosary, and you will crush the devil’s head and stand firm in the face of all his temptations. That is why even a pair of rosary beads is so terrible to the devil, and why the saints have used them to fetter him and drive him from the bodies of those who were possessed. Such happenings have been recorded more than once.”

Legions of testimonies bear witness to this reality, and those who have promoted this beautiful devotion have shared story after story of the wonders that it has brought about.

Dominican Father Jean Amat was once giving a series of Lenten sermons in the Kingdom of Aragon when a young girl was brought to him who was possessed by the devil. After he had exorcised her several times without success, he touched his rosary to her, with faith in Our Lady. As soon as he had done this, the girl began to scream and yell in a fearful way, shrieking: “Take them off! Take them off! These beads are torturing me!”

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