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This Man Met Padre Pio—After the Saint’s Death

Anthony Fuina of Long Island is a walking miracle. He credits the intercession of Padre Pio for curing him of cancer in 1997.

Since then, he’s been devoted to bringing others to Christ. He does this in a way that is most familiar to him, through Padre Pio.

When a tumor was found in Anthony’s colon, half was surgically removed, and a biopsy was taken. He was anxiously waiting for the results a few days later.

The phone rang, but it wasn’t his doctor. It was a real estate agent asking for Anthony to bring the keys to the house so it could be shown. He said yes, hoping he wouldn’t miss the call from the doctor while dropping off the key. He recalled:

It was a rainy day. As I approached a traffic light, I saw a figure waiving from the distance. The man approached the car and begged me, ‘Please! Give me a lift to Jerusalem Avenue and Hicksville Road.’ He said that he’d been waiting all morning for a lift. I never pick up hitchhikers, but some overpowering feeling came over me, and I told this bearded man, dressed in a white baker’s uniform, to get in. I felt an immediate tie to this man I did not know.

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