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This Lent, Listen to Your Mother

“Know and understand well, you the most humble of my sons, that I am the ever-virgin Holy Mary, Mother of the True God, for whom we live, of the Creator of all things, Lord of heaven and the earth.”

— Our Lady of Guadalupe

Jesus listened to Mary throughout His childhood. We hear this in Luke’s Gospel when Jesus’ parents find Him in the Temple. His parents ask a question. Jesus listens and responds. Then we are told that He returns to Nazareth and is obedient to Mary and Joseph, learning from them and growing in age and wisdom (see Luke 2:41–52).

Mary is our mother too. And she teaches us. Just as Jesus listened to and was obedient to Mary, we should now listen to and obey her. Through many apparitions, Our Lady has spoken to various visionaries and imparted her motherly advice and counsel, not only for them but for the entire world. The messages Mary spoke are meant for all believers.

The counsel our mothers gave us was meant for our good. Sometimes what they told us we already knew. Other things we didn’t want to hear because they were difficult and challenging. And maybe, years later, we look back and are grate­ful for our mothers’ advice. The same is true about Mary’s ap­paritions and messages. Sometimes she challenges us and tells us things we don’t want to hear, but she does so for our benefit.

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