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‘This is a warning’ – Hoeppner out after Vos Estis probe

More than 18 months after the first U.S. investigation of a bishop under norms approved by Pope Francis, Bishop Michael Hoeppner of Crookston, Minnesota resigned his office April 13 at the request of Pope Francis.

The man who says Hoeppner coerced him into recanting an abuse claim says the resignation is “a victory for all those who have been unheard for all these years, and have had to put up with the abuse by the higher-ups when they told their stories and weren’t heard.”

“It’s a victory for all those who have been abused by sinful men in the Church — a victory for the faithful people of Christ’s Church, and a victory for truth,” Ron Vasek told The Pillar Tuesday morning.

The Crookston diocese announced April 13 that “the investigation which led to the acceptance of Bishop Hoeppner’s resignation arose from reports that he had at times failed to observe applicable norms when presented with allegations of sexual abuse involving clergy of the Diocese of Crookston.”

Hoeppner announced Tuesday that he would celebrate a “farewell” Mass in the Crookston cathedral on Thursday.

Bishop Richard Pates will serve as the temporary apostolic administrator of the diocese.

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