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Theology of Home Shows Women the Beauty of Fruitful Living

“For decades now, the entrenched wisdom has been that women’s unhappiness is largely due to the fact that home life demeans us and the remedy is for us to demean it in return,” explain Carrie Gress and Noelle Mering, co-authors of Theology of Home II: The Art of Spiritual Living.

At this moment, nothing could feel further from the truth to me. As I finish writing this essay in mid-December, I am reeling from the news that my mother passed away last night. She did many things in life, but what stands out to me in this staggering moment is how beautifully she gave of herself as a stay-at-home mom and how very many lives she enriched in this way. I am thankful that Theology of Home has given me language to express what most gave her life meaning and what she gave to others: namely, her fruitfulness as a woman who made a home for a family.

Gress and Mering’s Theology of Home project is a counteroffensive against the dominant feminism of our culture, which has so degraded home and homemaking. It includes a website, a daily newsletter, and several books. This latest book, the second volume of Theology of Home, addresses the question of what it means for women to live fruitfully rather than seeking power above all else.

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