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The USCCB, Meghan Markle, and ‘my truth’

This week, Cardinal Wilfred Napier Fox of South Africa turned 80, aging out of any future conclave. While he is now retired from that official function of a cardinal, he has lived an extraordinary life and, like many other cardinals who will age out this year, he will likely continue to be an important voice in the Church for some years yet. 

We profiled him and the other cardinals who turn 80 this year.

The “binding synodal process” underway in Germany continues to rumble on. We spoke to some Vatican curial officials about their concern that many of the more controversial reforms intended by the German synodal way might be already in effect on the ground. 

Time is running out, they told us, for Rome to prevent a de facto schism from developing, while Curial offices are waiting for a clear lead from Pope Francis on how to proceed.

In an unexpected turn of events in the saga of Vatican finances, a UK judge this week lifted a court order against Gianluigi Torzi, the somewhat enigmatic gentleman at the center of the London property deal who was arrested for extortion, aggravated fraud and money laundering in Vatican City last year.

I say “unexpected” not least because no one knew there was an order in place to begin with, but there we are. It seems it was sought by the public prosecutor’s office in Britain on request from Vatican authorities and would likely have blocked Torzi from accessing or otherwise moving assets which might later be awarded in compensation by a court. 

The judge also awarded Torzi court costs, so it seems clear this is another setback for Vatican prosecutors trying to pursue suspects in foreign courts.

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