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The UN’s Push for “Same-Sex Marriage”

576701Secretary_General_2The United Nations has begun openly advocating a controversial position on one of the most divisive issues facing its Member States. Even worse, the UN position does not enjoy support in international law.

Over the past few years, many UN bureaucrats have decided to ignore the consensus-led processes laid out in the UN Charter in order to advance the idea that individuals possess a right to same-sex marriage. The Secretary General himself, along with many bureaucrats occupying positions in various UN agencies or UN treaty-monitoring bodies, has been publicly championing same-sex marriage, even though no UN document produced by Member States has ever promoted same-sex marriage and the vast majority of Member States strongly oppose it.

The UN’s Recent Efforts to Promote Same-Sex Marriage

The major push at the UN for same-sex marriage can be traced back to July 2013, when the UN launched “Free & Equal,” a massive campaign designed specifically to advocate same-sex marriage and other LGBT concerns at the UN and around the world. Free & Equal boasts that its message has reached “more than a billion people.” Since the launch of Free & Equal, a continuous stream of LGBT advocacy has flooded the UN.

In July 2014, the UN Secretariat began recognizing the same-sex marriages of its employees. The head of the Secretariat, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, implemented this “major policy change” without consulting any Member States. At the time, the Secretary General explicitly signaled that he believes same-sex marriage is a human right:

Human rights are at the core of the mission of the United Nations . . . . I am proud to stand for greater equality for all staff, and I call on all members of our UN family to unite in rejecting homophobia as discrimination that can never be tolerated at our workplace.

Last year, Ban Ki-moon continued his public support for same-sex marriage, calling the recent United States Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell v. Hodges“a great step forward” and commenting, “Denying couples legal recognition of their relationship opens the door to widespread discrimination.” Such advocacy from a Secretary General on an issue that enjoys little support among Member States is virtually unheard of. And with UN agencies recently appointing thirty new staff persons designated as focal points for LGBT rights, the machinery is in place for even more widespread same-sex-marriage advocacy efforts at the UN.

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