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The unfinished Sagrada Familia basilica comes closer to completion

More than 138 years after construction on the basilica began, workers hope to complete the Tower of the Virgin Mary.

The Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona has been a work in progress since the first construction began in 1883. The cranes and scaffolding that surround the magnificent church are a familiar sight to several generations, and serve as a reminder that visionary architect Antoni Gaudí’s dream is very much alive.

Since Gaudí’s death in a tram accident in 1926, architects have set about bringing the devout Catholic’s dream to completion, but have been beset by numerous obstacles.During the Spanish Civil War, many of Gaudí’s plans and photographs and plaster models were destroyed, and funding issues have plagued the project in the decades since.

Completion of Tower of Virgin Mary in 2021

Now, according to a report by ACI Prensa, by the end of 2021 workers hope to finally complete the Tower of the Virgin Mary by topping it with a shining 12-pointed star. At 450-feet-tall, the tower will be the second-tallest tower in the basilica, next to the Tower of Jesus Christ.

The Sagrada Familia Basilica has produced a video (see below), illustrating plans for the completion of the Tower of the Virgin Mary, which stands next to the Tower of Jesus Christ that is surrounded by the four towers of the Evangelists.

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