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The Real Family Behind Miracles from Heaven


Annabel Beam was only four years old when she began having what her mother Christy called “tummy trouble”—painful abdominal cramps accompanied by severe bloating. When she was five, her bowel became fully obstructed, requiring the first of several emergency surgeries. Doctors were unable to determine why Annabel’s stomach and intestines didn’t work as they should. Despite taking ten prescription medications, she still couldn’t eat or drink normally and she required a feeding tube.

But then she fell from a tree. And in a cause-and-effect that defies explanation, Annabel was healed.

Christy Beam talked with me by telephone last month, recounting the story of her daughter’s rare illness, her dangerous accident, and her inexplicable healing. “We are so overjoyed,” Christy explained, “so overwhelmed that our story can impact the world, can make a difference. But really, it’s not our story—it’s God’s story. That God would use us to share his story is so overwhelming!”

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