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The Priestly Echo From America’s Happiest Martyr

On this brokenhearted day 20 years ago, my uncle Monsignor Thomas Wells was stabbed to death in his rectory. The assistant state attorney called it the most violent murder scene she had ever seen. 

Though the murder was of Satan, the circumstances surrounding it holds as much demonic weight. Homosexually-active, credibly accused priests resided in the rectory prior to my uncle’s arrival. Two years later, priests confirmed, Theodore McCarrick barred priests from attending my uncle’s murder trial.  

This piece will not drag you down; there’s been too much of that lately. This piece is meant to lift, to provide hope. On this somber memorial of Msgr. Wells’s murder, it’s my desire to resurrect my uncle’s cheerful and intentional voice; the voice of the most joy-filled priest in the history of the Archdiocese of Washington.

One last thought, though, of this Golgotha-like hour in American history: if you fail to apprehend the shifting shadow and weight of Satan at this hinge point – re-evaluate your Catholic faith, grasp on spiritual warfare, and the colluding motivations of spiritual and governmental leaders. In the public square, Gehenna’s winds have blown down virtually every single one of God’s Natural Laws over the past half century, and if silence is an indication of consent, many bishops seem to have ceded to it. Their response to the heresy of Modernism has been tepid if not silent. 

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