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The people of Lebanon need your help

On August 4, 2020, a warehouse of ammonium nitrate exploded in the port of Beirut, Lebanon. Hundreds were killed and thousands more were injured. An estimated 300,000 people were left homeless.

Protests have been ongoing in Lebanon for years now. After the explosion, the leadership at the time resigned. The lack of stability, combined with the pandemic, has brought relief efforts to a virtual standstill.

We have spoken several times with Fr. John Tayar and Fr. Joseph Khalil, Lebanese priests of the Maronite order who live in Michigan and celebrate Mass in the chapel next to our studios.

You can listen to our interview with Fr. Joseph Khalil on the one-year anniversary of the explosion here:

“Lebanon is more than a country. It is a message.” – St. John Paul II

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How to help

You can stay in touch with the Maronite priests at their website and Facebook Page

You can support the Maronites’ relief efforts by sending a check to

BVM Fund Lebanon
4405 Earhart Road
Ann Arbor, MI

Donations are tax-deductible

Finally, we ask for your prayers!

The Lebanese saint who unites Christians and Muslims

Our Lady of Lebanon, Pray for Us!

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