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The Orlando Attack Is What Actual Homophobia Looks Like


Over the past few years, those of us who have opposed various efforts of gay activism—such as the endeavor to redefine marriage to include same-sex couples—have gotten used to being called “homophobic,” a word that denotes an irrational and prejudiced fear of homosexuals but has often been affixed to anybody who voices any objections to the gay activist agenda.

This strategy, needless to say, has coarsened and debased our public discourse, mostly because it is more a tactic of shame than a real argument: if you can label someone a bigot instead of actually engaging his position, it makes things much easier for you. It is quite likely that many people with objections to, say, gay marriage have remained silent, and understandably so, for fear of being labeled “homophobic.”

Yet conscientious moral opposition to the gay agenda does not by itself signify homophobia. If you wish to see real homophobia—the genuine article, not the intellectually exhausted fashionable buzzword the Left trots out at every possible opportunity—look to yesterday’s mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, in which 50 individuals were murdered inside a gay nightclub.

The Orlando shooter’s father claims the shooter had recently seen two men kissing in downtown Miami, at which point the shooter “became very upset” and expressed disgust. This allegation, if true, and coupled with the shooter’s pledge of allegiance to ISIS, indicates that the young man probably possessed deep-seated prejudices towards homosexuals, apparently so much so that he felt compelled to murder as many as he possibly could.

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