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“The nine hours I held my son were a lifetime”

At age 26 and newly married, Emma Serrano de Pablo became pregnant with her first child, Pepito. His heartbeat was strong and his parents were immensely excited about starting their new family.

After 16 weeks of pregnancy, however, the gynecologist diagnosed Pepito with a cranioencephalic anomaly, called anencephaly or acrania, consisting of the total or partial absence of skull, scalp, and brain mass: a diagnosis incompatible with life outside the womb.

Faced with this situation, doctors encouraged the young couple to have an abortion, so that they could avoid the anguish of knowing throughout the pregnancy and birth that their child would die.

Today, this is a standard approach that places the choice in the hands of those who believe they have the right to decide whether or not their own child should continue to live. “As a mother, how am I going to end my child’s life?” Emma immediately asked herself.

Both she and her husband, Javier, didn’t hesitate. Their son’s life came above all else, and they would respect the natural course of the pregnancy, despite the immense sorrow they felt.

In an interview with Folksixty, Emma explains with the firmness of one who lives with conviction: “I believe that life is above all else … life from conception, because that’s how I lived it.”

Pepito’s life already existed; his heart was already beating. He was their son. They wanted to share his situation immediately with their families.

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