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The Man in the Brown Robe: COVID-19 Patient Says Solanus Casey Appeared at His Bedside

LANSING, Mich. — A married father of three from the Diocese of Lansing claims that Blessed Solanus Casey, the humble Capuchin friar and priest, visited him twice in hospital and hastened what he believes to be a miraculous recovery from COVID-19. 

The 52-year-old construction worker, Nolan Ostrowski, a parishioner at Saint Peter Catholic Church in Eaton Rapids, Michigan, shared his story with the diocese in an interview Nov. 1.

When his COVID-19 symptoms worsened, Ostrowski was admitted to Sparrow Hospital in Lansing on July 25.

“And then, one night, I was sitting there and I woke up and I felt like there was a lot of darkness around me, a lot of despair over me, and I noticed there was somebody sitting at the side of my headboard and I couldn’t turn to see who it was — all I could see were their legs, and his brown robe,” said Ostrowski, adding that initially he thought it might be his guardian angel.

That apparent visitation occurred on July 30, the Feast of Blessed Solanus Casey. The following night, July 31, the same figure in brown robes appeared again in Ostrowski’s hospital room, although, this time, the figure was sitting at the foot of his bed with his hands on his thighs.

“He sat there and that‘s when I realized that this isn’t just my guardian. This is a saint. This is someone special,” Ostrowski recalled. Ostrowski began to pray and “plead for my life,” he said, telling the figure that he didn’t want his children raised without him.

“There was no response from him. It was like I was talking to a statue. Nothing. And then I said, ‘Well, if you save me, I‘ll never use God’s name in vain again.’ And he jumped up like he won the Lotto. I mean, it was kind of startling. And he ran around the side of my bed. And when he ran, it was like a skipping, floating motion,” Ostrowski said.

“And he reached out and he touched my rib cage under my arm and then at the bottom of my rib cage. I remember kind of lifting my arm a little bit, but it was all very quick. And then he just stepped back a couple steps, and I felt like there was this ease that came over me and I felt very relaxed and comfortable. I knew I was saved.”

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