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The Little Catechism of The Little Flower


St. Paul states that the greatest of all virtues is love. The Angelic Doctor,  St. Thomas  Aquinas,  said that “Charity is the queen of all virtues.” The Mystical Doctor, St. John of the Cross, taught that “in the twilight of our existence we will be judged on love.” Finally, the great Doctor of the Devout Life, St. Francis de Sales, wrote that “The measure that we should love God is to love Him without measure.”

St. Thérèse of Lisieux, proclaimed  one of the three women Doctors of the Universal Church, made an act of oblation to the merciful love of the good God. This, indeed,  was one of the hallmarks of her attaining the heights of holiness in such a short time — only twenty- four years on earth.

On her liturgical feast day, October 1, the readings in the Liturgy of the Hours give us a glimpse into the burning  fire of love that consumed  the heart of St. Thérèse and show us what she considered to be her true and authentic vocation.

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