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The Left Is Using the Buffalo Shooting to Demonize Its Political Opponents

The white supremacist arrested for killing 10 people at a Buffalo supermarket on Sunday did not leave much room for doubt as to why he allegedly carried out such a heinous and horrific act. In a lengthy and unhinged manifesto, he made reference to the “Great Replacement Theory,” a racist and antisemitic conspiracy theory that accuses Jews of importing Black and brown immigrants to replace a nation’s native born whites.

Rather than taking this horrifying incident as an opportunity to unite against such an ugly, fringe view, the Left instead seized on the tragedy as an opportunity to blame their political opponents and liken them all to the Buffalo shooter. Before the bodies of the victims were cold, liberal pundits, Democratic politicians, and Left-wing organizations and journalists began to lay the blame for the shooting at the feet of their political rivals and use the tragedy as an opportunity to aggrandize themselves.

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