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The Divine Mercy Chaplet & How God Used It In My Life

The Divine Mercy chaplet devotional has helped me a lot in my Catholic Faith. God’s mercy and compassion spread to his spiritual child. I am on fire for the Lord. When I first learned about the Divine Mercy chaplet devotional, I heard a priest talk about St. Faustina and her diary. 

I brought the diary, and read part of the story of St. Faustina. Her experience in the convent, and how God inspired St. Faustina with the Divine Mercy chaplet impacted my life. I prayed the Divine Mercy chaplet. Before knowing about the Divine Mercy chaplet devotional, I was not serious about my Catholic Faith. I was lukewarm. Thankfully by God’s grace he took me out of the lukewarm state and made me fervent for Jesus and the Catholic Church.

The Divine Mercy chaplet devotional is still being used in people’s lives even today. God has been waking people up and turning them to himself and his son Jesus.

Sometimes, I like to sing the Divine Mercy chaplet. Singing the Divine Mercy chaplet helps me to focus on Jesus and not on the distractions that I’m struggling with.

The Divine Mercy chaplet has also helped me when I’m struggling with a temptation. Right away I turn over the temptation to the Lord. It takes  a while for the temptation to go away. When it does leave, I’m glad that God gave me strength to overcome it. 

There are 14 promises connected to the Divine Mercy chaplet. All of the promises deal with God’s mercy for sinners. Jesus promised his devotees, people who faithful to the Divine Mercy chaplet to pray for those who are dying and the sick. 

Jesus focuses on sinners who harden themselves to him. He wants them to let go of their hardened hearts and draw closer to him.

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