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The Criminalization of a High-School Dare


Sure, if I were in charge at Red Mountain High School in Mesa, Arizona, I would’ve been angry at Hunter Osborn, a football player who decided, on a teammate’s dare, to expose himself. He did it during a team photo as dozens of teammates lined up in the bleachers. True, he was only 18 at the time, the knucklehead.

And no, the photo isn’t all that graphic. The penis partly peeking out the top of number 42’s waistband is less noticeable than Waldo in one of his illustrated spreads. But that’s precisely why no one noticed what Osborn had done for months. It’s why the photo was reproduced in football programs and the high school year book.

All that time, the prank went unnoticed. Then, someone spotted it.

“Do you think I need this kind of headache a month before summer vacation?” I’d have growled at the kid. “In-school suspension for a week! You’ve lost the privilege of prom. And you won’t get your diploma ‘til you repay us for reprinting the yearbook.”

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