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The coronavirus hits an already suffering Venezuela

The presence of the coronavirus has already been recorded in Venezuela, with over 70 people so far testing positive for Covid-19. The country has already shut its borders and imposed an obligatory social quarantine since March 16. It is a situation that poses a great threat to a population that is already more vulnerable, given the deplorable state of the Venezuelan hospital system.

The Venezuelan bishops’ conference has also taken preventative measures, including the suspension of Holy Mass with a congregation.

“This is a difficult moment and a trial, from which we will emerge victorious, thanks to our faith and hope, which must now be expressed in works of charity and solidarity. And so we invite all our brothers and sisters within our nation to draw closer to God. During these times of a healthcare crisis we must remind ourselves that the Lord is in our midst and will not abandon us. He is the Rock who saves us.”

So runs the statement by the bishops, which was published on March 15.

The empty streets in Venezuela are a sign not only that people are observing the quarantine rules but also of the grave concern among the people about the consequences that could result if the disease spreads among the population.

A doctor working in one of the main hospital centers in the country, who asks not to be identified, has told ACN that “the Venezuelan hospital system is not ready for the great emergency that could result from numerous people being infected by Covid-19. The precarious situation of the hospitals and the shortage of medicines is already well known throughout the world.”

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