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The Church in the Wilderness

When looking at the American Catholic Church and the surrounding culture, the honest, orthodox Catholic is left with at least two sobering conclusions: we are losing the culture war both outside the American Catholic Church and inside its precincts. The Obergefell v. Hodges decision (same-sex “marriage”) by the SCOTUS put an exclamation point on the former; a recent poll, along with many other metrics, disclosing the beliefs of self-identified American Catholics confirms the latter:

65 percent believe that employers who have a religious objection to the use of birth control should be required to provide it in health insurance plans for employees; 32 percent disagree.

54 percent believe that businesses that provide wedding services should be required to provide those services to same-sex couples; 43 percent disagree.

47 percent believe that transgender people should be allowed to use public restrooms of gender with which they currently identify; 50 percent disagree.

Someone may ask the question: “Aren’t the beliefs of Catholics who attend Mass once a week better than this?” The data there is more in line with the Magisterium but is still disappointing. One can argue that the source of the information for both polls, the Pew Research Center, is biased toward the cultural Left, but, even if the studies are off 3-5 percent, we are still in deep trouble.

The Church has, in many places, become the cultureThe secularists have influenced us much more than we have influenced them.

The good news is that, when you look at both the biblical narrative and Church history, in a time of profound spiritual and moral decline, God usually has a consecrated person (or a group) hidden away, whom he is preparing for the purpose of meaningfully engaging the people causing the decline and the institutions they have constructed.

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