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The Bread of Angels and a Hug from Heaven

Teresa Tomeo

When I was about to make my First Holy Communion, my Catholic school offered the opportunity to purchase religious items to mark the occasion. They turned one of our larger classrooms into a mini religious-goods store filled with all sorts of items, including white gloves, white Rosaries, Holy Communion remembrance books, and religious jewelry, along with small statues of the saints, the Blessed Mother, and Jesus.

I can remember walking into the room and my mother’s encouragement to buy something that I really wanted, something special that would help me recall this significant moment of my life. I think we were both surprised by my choice. I have always been a girly girl who loves her share of bling. But I didn’t make a dash toward the delicate bracelets or lace gloves. Instead, it was a statue that caught my eye and tugged at my heart. It was Jesus holding a chalice. At the bottom of the statue were two adorable angels and below them the words “Panis Angelicus”—Latin for “the bread of angels.”

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