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The Blessings of the Solemnity of Mary

What was it like for Mary to be the Mother of God?  Our Gospel reading gives some hints.

Gospel (Read Lk 2:16-21)

Included in the Octave of Christmas is tomorrow’s solemnity, which gives us an opportunity to think about Mary’s participation in the Incarnation.  We know, of course, that the description of Mary as “Mother of God” came as a result of confusion in the early years of Christianity over the exact nature of the Incarnation.  The controversy pivoted on the question of whether Jesus was fully divine from the womb.  Some suggested that He was born human and endowed with His divine nature.   The Church declared that Jesus, from His conception in Mary’s womb, was fully human (from His mother) and fully divine (from His Father).  If we believe that Jesus is God (we do), then we believe that Mary is the Mother of God.

However, to observe this solemnity only as a theological marker, as important as that is, would be to fall short of all it offers to us.  Aren’t we curious about what it was like for Mary to be God’s Mother?  Jesus, from the Cross, gave her to us as our own Mother, too.  Don’t we want to know her better?

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