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The Assault on Parental Moral Authority


Two of America’s three branches of federal government have declared war on parental authority. President Obama’s Department of Education has been explicitly attacking schools that have the audacity to prefer traditional morality. However, making sense of the Education Department’s actions requires looking at the Obergefell same-sex “marriage” decision. The Obergefell decision explains why the Department of Education will not stop until it has eliminated parental authority to teach traditional morality to their children.

The Department of Education has recently targeted an Illinois public school. The school allowed a (biologically male) transgendered student to participate in girls’ sports. The student was also allowed to change and shower in the girls’ locker room. However, the student was required to shower separately and use a privacy curtain when changing clothes. The Obama administration has declared that this discriminates against transgendered students and if anyone must use a privacy curtain, it must be the girls who only wish to change clothes in front of other biological females.

Viewed in isolation, the Obama administration’s actions appear intended solely for public schools, leaving Christian and home schools safe. In fact, these actions should be viewed in conjunction with the recent Obergefell decision that mandated same-sex “marriage.” The Obergefell decision makes clear that American families are facing the loss of their parental right to morally educate their children.

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