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The 7 Biggest Problems With CNN’s Planned Parenthood Story


The last time I actually screamed at my television due to seriously flawed news coverage was February 2, 2012. The cause was an ABC “news” “report” on Planned Parenthood that was riddled with errors and framing flaws. The “news” story was in reaction to the Susan G. Komen foundation’s attempt to extricate itself from funding Planned Parenthood. Said annual funding was keeping pro-lifers from giving money to the foundation. Planned Parenthood went public with the news of Komen’s decision (through David Crary, a friendly reporter at The Associated Press) at the same moment it launched a savvy and expensive public relations campaign intending to make an example out of Komen.

The media tsunami took over. Over at ABC News, Claire Shipman and Diane Sawyer repeatedly talked about how shocking this move was because Planned Parenthood was so awesome and did so many mammograms.

A couple weeks ago, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards finally admitted what pro-lifers had been trying to get the media to stop falsely and uncritically repeating on behalf of the organization for years: Planned Parenthood doesn’t do mammograms. Not a single one. Their facilities aren’t equipped or authorized to do mammograms.

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