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Thanksgiving for the Greatest Gift of All

Thanksgiving is a national Holiday that brings families together to socialize, communicate, connect emotionally, and to enjoy a good hearty meal! On this day we should never forget the primary reason we should render abundant thanksgiving; this is for God, who He is and all that He has so generously bestowed upon all of us from the moment of our conception until our dying breath.

Indeed what do we have that we have not received from His loving and bountiful Providence? Only one thing: our own sins—these we chose due to our own perverse will.

We would like to focus on one crucial gift that should move our hearts to overflow in gratitude not just one day a year but all the days of our lives. This is the sublime gift of the most Holy Eucharist.

Of all the gifts that Jesus left us before He ascended into Heaven where He sits at the right hand of God the Father, this gift, this most sublime gift, this ineffable and celestial gift of the goodness of the most Sacred heart of Jesus merits our constant gratitude. In fact the word itself Eucharist actually means “Thanksgiving.”

Let us briefly, in a quiet and contemplative fashion, move through the various moments where we should recognize the gift of the Eucharist, adore this “Real Presence” and render abundant and overflowing thanks.

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