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The Tender Humanity of the Presentation of the Virgin Mary

Have you ever stopped to picture Mary as a little girl?

No, really.

Not floating on air. Not perfectly manicured. Not glowing.

But as a little girl.

As we come upon the feast of the Presentation of the Virgin Mary, I’m forced to stop and consider that she was…human.

That means she had fingernails, toes, and eyebrows. She had cheeks, boogers, and hair follicles.

She may have built castles in the dirt, tripped and bruised her knees, turned small sticks into dolls and played with them. She might have burned herself learning to cook, been sick all night vomiting, had a fever and been drenched in sweat.

She gave a first smile. She took a first step. She said a first word.

Did she run across a yard, delighted, to greet a favorite family member? Did she ask embarrassing questions at top volume during synagogue time when she was a preschooler? Was her heart broken and mended and challenged before she understood what her life would be?

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