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Ten Ideas for Catholics Teaching in Public Schools

Boston Latin School was America’s first public school. It was founded in part by Reverend John Cotton and Puritan schoolmaster Philemon Pormontin in what would later become Boston, Massachusetts. The year was 1635. The all-male institution produced some of America’s greatest Founding Fathers including Samuel Adams and John Hancock. Early in the school’s history, students learned Latin and Greek and were admitted on the basis of how well they could read Bible verses. Year-round attendance ran from seven or eight in the morning, depending on the season until students were dismissed at five. There was a one hour break in the middle which many students used to attend writing sessions.

Public Schools Today

To say public schooling today is vastly different is a tremendous understatement. Today’s students attend school for approximately six hours a day with summers off. They generally receive a 40-minute lunch and recess period as well as special classes where they learn art and music and participate in physical education. Latin and Greek have been replaced with social studies and project-based learning. Bibles are not used in entrance exams and have been eliminated from most public schools altogether in favor of “character education.”

Suicide rates have skyrocketed. Planned Parenthood has established itself in even early elementary classrooms. It has established credibility among young children so, as those children grow, it can push its biggest moneymaker, abortion. Abortion, often in the guise of personal freedom and women’s rights, has become part of the health, social studies, and other curriculums while discussions on the sanctity of life is considered faith-based and outlawed in most public schools. Planned Parenthood and the LGBTQ agenda have redefined Marriage and pushed students to experiment with different sexual experiences until they find what works for them in a guess-and-check method most elementary school maths lessons would acknowledge as one of the least effective and/or most time-consuming methods of problem-solving.

Do I need to say again that suicide rates have skyrocketed?

For a devout Catholic, teaching in a public school today can feel disheartening sometimes. Our faith is at odds with almost every aspect of the curriculum and agenda. Attempts to socialize in a left-wing dominated profession can leave minority Catholics feeling isolated. Fear of repercussions can make Catholics and other faith-filled employees reluctant to speak up for their beliefs.

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