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Teen Vogue’s Pro-Abortion Assault on Underage Girls

Teen Vogue, a magazine aimed at girls as young as 11 but run by agenda-driven adults, has published a column entitled “What to Get a Friend Post-Abortion.” Written by feminist Whitney Bell, the article makes light of abortion, condemns any suggestion of other options, and even recommends teens volunteer at local abortion clinics “to make it easier” for their friends who want to abort.

This outrageous column is a reminder that pro-abortion activists aren’t just after unborn babies. They’re after innocent young girls as well. And it’s up to the pro-life movement to protect both.

“So your friend is about to have an abortion,” Whitney Bell begins in her piece at Teen Vogue. “Of course you want to be there for her, but you don’t know how.” Bell then assures readers that the “worst part” about abortion isn’t “the procedure,” but “how you’re treated afterwards” due to a “false stigma.”

Bell goes on to tell teens that their friends seeking to procure abortions “will need a ride” to an abortion clinic, and then offers a list of recommended abortion-themed gifts that teens can give to a post-abortive “bestie,” to “put a smile on her face.”

She recommends a special brand of women’s underwear. Teens can “rock em [sic] for post-abortion woes, especially because there will be blood. … If the future is female then welcome to it,” she jokes “because this is the future of menstruation.”

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