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Taliban Beheads 9-year-old Girl; Sparks Biggest Protest In Afghanistan Capital In 15 Years



Thousands of women took to the streets of Kabul in Afghanistan as a sign of protest for the recent killings of 7 civilian victims who were residents of Zabul. The 7 victims included two woman, two boys, and a young girl who was just nine years old. The little girl’s name was Shukria.

The victims were kidnapped more than a month ago and were beheaded some time between November 6th and 8th. The horrific act was committed as conflict between two rival Taliban factions escalated. It is unclear which of the two groups was responsible for this particular tragedy.

The Taliban’s actions were believed to be a hate crime against Hazara people, a minority group in Afghanistan that is made up mostly of Shia Muslims. All 7 of the victims, including the nine-year-old child, were Hazara.

Crowds of people, which included thousands of women, flooded the roads of Kabul to show their righteous anger. It is believed that this might have been the biggest protest demonstration in Kabul over the last 15 years.


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