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Taiwanese authorities to Vatican: China deal not helping Catholics on the ground

TAIPEI – A year after the Vatican made its secret agreement with China on the appointment of bishops, top Taiwanese officials have expressed doubt that the deal is making a difference for Catholics on the ground, and voiced hope that the Holy See would not drop Taipei in favor of Beijing.

“Even if the Vatican gives up Taiwan and establishes a relationship with China, (we don’t see that) the situation of Catholics will improve in China,” Ming Chi Chen, Deputy Minister of Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council, told Crux during a roundtable discussion with journalists Oct. 24.

“Instead we see the danger that Catholics in China might see that as a signal that the Holy See is waiting to give up on them,” he said, adding that many Christians in mainland China “have paid the price, paid the cost, for insisting on freedom of worship, freedom of faith.”

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