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Tag: Peggy Stanton

A Place of Peace – December 11, 2021: Dale Recinella

Download Description: He Walks on Death Row. Catholic Prison Chaplain, Dale Recinella, speaks passionately against the Death Penalty, arguing that even murderers deserve the right to make peace with their Creator. For more information email dale at: or visit Guests: Dale Recinella Dale

A Place of Peace – November 20, 2021: Jim Papandrea

Download Description: What Really Happens After We Die? Do Church fathers believe in ghosts? Peggy Explores the answers to these and many more questions about the afterlife with author, Dr. James Papandrea. For more info, go to: Guests: Jim Papandrea James L. Papandrea is

A Place of Peace – October 9, 2021: Dr. Michael Kortbus

Download Description: A Doctor endorses faith healings. Dr. Michael Kortbus, a student of Encounter Ministries School talks about the remarkable sights he has witnessed wrought through the power of prayer.  For more information on Encounter Ministries please visit: HOME – Encounter Ministries or for the