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Tag: Peggey Stanton

A Place of Peace – July 17, 2021: Scott & Kimberly Hahn

Download Description: Scott and Kimberly Hahn tell the story of their romance and marriage and why spiritual friends make the best spouses. for information on the their books, podcasts and videos, go to their website: Guest: Scott & Kimberly Hahn Kimberly Hahn has been

A Place of Peace – July 10, 2021: Kimberly Hahn

Download Description: Kimberly Hahn talks about her new book, Graced and Gifted: Biblical Wisdom for the Homemaker’s Heart. For more information: Guest: Kimberly Hahn Kimberly Hahn has been married to Scott since 1979. They met at Grove City College, where Kimberly earned a Bachelor

A Place of Peace – February 13, 2021: Senator Mark Hatfield

Description: Senator Mark Hatfield..The Moral Man in the Public Arena. In a never before aired interview, the revered Oregon Senator, now deceased, discussed with Peggy, his efforts to maintain faith and principle over power and fame. Guest: Senator Mark Hatfield Mark Odom Hatfield (July 12, 1922

A Place of Peace – January 30, 2021: Fr. John Riccardo

Description: In the first of this two part series Peggy interviews Fr. John Riccardo on his book “Rescued: The Unexpected and Extraordinary News of the Gospel”. They dive deep into the book and break it down into four parts: Created, Captured, Rescued & Response, explaining

A Place of Peace – January 23, 2021: Scott Hahn

Description: Peggy interviews Dr. Scott Hahn talking about the dire need for a civilization of love as described in his new book, “Its Right and Just”. For more information about Scott and his books visit: Guest: Scott Hahn

A Place of Peace – January 2, 2021: Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls

Description: Fr. Dave Pivonka and Dr. John Bergsma discuss how the discovery of the Dead Sea scroll provided new insights and affirmation into the Gospels. For more information on this series, go to: Guest: Fr. Dave Pivonka Website: Guest: Dr. John Bergsma Website: