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Tag: A Place of Peace

A Place of Peace – April 10, 2021: George Weigel

Description: Peggy interviews George Weigel on his book “Not Forgotten” George Weigel is the distinguished senior fellow of Washington’s Ethics and Public Policy Center, where he holds the William E. Simon Chair in Catholic Studies. His many books include the two-volume biography of Pope St.

A Place of Peace – March 20, 2021: Sari Wilson

Description: Educator Sari Wilson explains the importance of becoming aware of one’s character strengths and how to learn your own. To read Sari’s full thesis “The Happy Saint”, click here Guests: Sari Wilson Sari Wilson is originally from Michigan, growing up just north of Detroit. She

A Place of Peace – March 13, 2021: Fr. Edward Looney

Description: Getting Along with Jesus..Father Edward Looney tells how to establish and enrich your relationship with Him. His new book,  Meditations after Holy Communion reveals how to converse with the Creator of the Universe after receiving Him in the Eucharist. Guests: Fr. Edward Looney Fr. Edward

A Place of Peace – March 6, 2021: Jonathan Strate

Description: How do you produce America’s # 1 Podcast? Ascension Media network’s new CEO Jonathan Strate talks about thee arkable success of Ascension’s new podcast, The Bible in a Year, with Father Mike Schmitz. For more information please visit: Guests: Jonathan Strate

A Place of Peace – February 27, 2021: Sari Wilson

Description: What are the ingredients in genuine happiness and what is genuine happiness. Sari Wilson talks about the remarkable and surprising answers in researching her thesis, The Happy Saint. To read the full paper, click here Guests: Sari Wilson Sari Wilson is originally from Michigan, growing

A Place of Peace – February 13, 2021: Senator Mark Hatfield

Description: Senator Mark Hatfield..The Moral Man in the Public Arena. In a never before aired interview, the revered Oregon Senator, now deceased, discussed with Peggy, his efforts to maintain faith and principle over power and fame. Guest: Senator Mark Hatfield Mark Odom Hatfield (July 12, 1922